reactivation-the past week in pictures

In the past two months I have:
-had my BFA thesis show
-been searching for work, etc.
-moving studios
-sorting, organizing, cleaning
-thinking, trying to write, in 
planner, journal (amazing new planner from artist-( and great friend)-CA Greenlee
-being open to new connections in life(art) -ideas

here are some shots from the past week, illustrative of what has been happening.

 thinking about how long should art stay around, should it be made to last, should that be something figured in? how does temporality play out in making art to last? what about digital media? couldn't it evaporate? is it teleological to worry about whether or not something one makes will be around in the decades/centuries past one's life. Would you want that? Why?

more soon.

In other news, my friend Robert Grand curated an online photography show, Ceremony. It is available to view and download as a pdf here: www.robertalangrand.com and here 

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